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Catholic Priest Asks U.S. to Probe Nigerian Government’s Role in ‘Jihad’ against Christians

The Christian Post recently published a story about Father Ambrose Ekereku, a Catholic priest from Nigeria who is also currently serving as an RFI intern. The article highlighted Ekereku’s comments on “the hostility to Christianity that has come to define his country in a speech at the fourth annual International Religious Freedom Summit” held January 29–31. “His remarks came during a breakout session discussing violations of religious freedom in the West African nation, Ukraine and Armenia.” The article continues:


‘What is happening in Nigeria is a systematic jihad, genocide and ethnic cleansing,’ he said. Ekereku maintained that the targeting of Christians by a predominantly Muslim ethnic group known as the Fulani isn’t a new development but one that goes back more than a century.

Explaining that the Fulani migrated to Nigeria from Senegal and Mauritania in the 19th century, Ekereku noted that ‘Islamic conquests” brought them to the country. While the Fulani established an Islamic caliphate that lasted for about 90 years, Ekereku told the audience of religious freedom advocates that “the British colonial masters interrupted the conquests that [were] going on.’

According to Ekereku, when Nigeria declared independence from Great Britain, ‘the Fulani claimed that the British handed Nigeria back to them. Now, they have continued that jihad. … That’s what is going on.’ 


Read the full article: “Catholic priest asks US to probe Nigerian government’s role in ‘jihad’ against Christians.”

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