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Oscar-submission film brings Nigeria’s violent Insurgency to Life….

With insecurity characterised by kidnappings and banditry spreading across Nigeria and with the decade-long insurgency in the North-East of the country beginning to mutate and spread out to the North-West and other geopolitical regions of the nation, the arrival of The Milkmaid film bring to life the realities been experienced by ordinary people in a cocktail of atrocities and violent attacks which have become so regular that the citizens of Nigeria have began to lose sensitivities to these constant human tragedies. “The Milkmaid” tells the story of a bride and her sister who are amongst those abducted from their village during a deadly attack by militants in northeast Nigeria in the midst of the bride’s wedding reception . The film has been submitted by Nigeria as its entry for international feature consideration at the Academy Awards. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will announce its nominations for the Academy Awards on March 15. The insurgencies by various militant groups Boko Haram, ISWAP and armed pastoralists has killed tens of thousands of people and forced about 2 million to flee their homes in the last decade. PSJ UK caught up with the writer and director of The Milkmaid, Desmond Ovbiagele to find out about his motivations for abandoning a career in investment banking to pursue the art of making award-winning films. Chat with Desmond Ovbiagele (The Milkmaid) THE MILKMAID TRAILER

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