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Let's come together in prayer for our nation's wellbeing

Nigeria faces numerous challenges that threaten its peace and stability. The country is dealing with widespread insecurity, economic hardships, and social injustices. These issues have deeply affected communities, leading to violence, displacement, and suffering. PSJ UK is committed to advocating for peace, justice, and sustainable development in Nigeria. We invite you to join us in prayer for Nigeria, standing together to seek divine intervention and healing for this nation.



Prayer Points For Nigeria

Peace and Security

1. Peace in Troubled Regions

   Pray for peace in regions plagued by violence and conflict, especially in the North-East and Middle Belt.

2. Protection for Vulnerable Communities

   Ask for divine protection over communities vulnerable to attacks and kidnappings.

3. Wisdom for Leaders

   Pray for wisdom and discernment for Nigeria's leaders to make decisions that promote peace and stability.

4. Strength for Security Forces

   Seek strength and integrity for the security forces as they work to protect citizens and maintain order.


Justice and Development

1. Justice for the Oppressed

   Pray for justice for those who have been wronged and for an end to impunity and corruption.

2. Economic Stability  

   Ask for economic stability and opportunities for all Nigerians, especially the unemployed and underemployed.

3. Healing for the Nation

   Seek healing for those who have been traumatized by violence and for unity among Nigeria's diverse ethnic and religious groups.

4. Support for Advocacy Efforts

   Pray for effective advocacy efforts by organizations like PSJ UK, working to bring lasting peace and justice to Nigeria.


For more information on PSJ UK’s efforts and how you can get involved, check out this video



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