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PSJUK statement on recent events in Nigeria and the state of the Nation.

PSJUK is disappointed by the Nigerian Government’s recent suspension of social media ‘platform’ Twitter. This action, which effectively amounts to nationwide sanctions on the people of Nigeria is yet another demonstration of the Nigerian Government's nonchalant attitude towards upholding the Human Rights of the people they are called to serve. The suspension of Twitter usage in Nigeria is a symbolic representation of how the concerned, frustrated and desperate voices of Nigerians are continuously silenced. In 2020, PSJUK launched a campaign, #Silentslaughter to highlight this fact. Not only is there a continuous attempt to silence the voices of Nigerians, but we know there has been an ongoing silencing of the plight of many Nigerians who are under constant attacks from Militants, Bandits and terrorists. Many of these attacks are unreported, underreported or simply downplayed. The Nigerian government should not pick when it wishes to uphold its commitment to Democracy. It can not benefit from the international privileges afforded to democratic nations whilst denying its Citizens the fruits of democratic ideals. Instead of the Nigerian Government seeking scapegoats for the insecurity crisis, the Government needs to reflect on the last 10 years which have seen approximately 20,000 Nigerians slaughtered by Militant Herdsmen, over 2.5 million Nigerians internally displaced by Islamist terrorism and over 800 children kidnapped in the first half of this year whilst exercising their rights to education. We call on the President of Nigeria to make clear the next steps to securing Nigeria and bringing justice to the families impacted by the insecurity crisis.   Nigeria is travelling towards the direction of a Failed State. With a people internationally and regionally recognised as industrious, intelligent and innovative creators - this would be the greatest calamity to come out of the most populous Black nation in the world. Let’s fix this now.   #letsfixthisnow Ayo Adedoyin, CEO PSJUK For Media Enquiries, Interviews or general information please contact [email protected]

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