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Tell Us About An Injustice

We all see injustice in the world, big or small. This is your chance to share your story and be a voice for change. Here, you can tell us about an injustice you've witnessed or experienced.

What We Want to Know

  •  Briefly describe the situation: What happened? Who was involved?
  • What makes it unfair? Explain why you believe this is an injustice.
  • Is there anything you've done or are doing about it?
  • What kind of impact do you hope sharing your story will have?

What You Can Do

  • Write a clear and concise account.
  • Focus on the facts of the situation.
  • Feel free to share your emotions, but keep it respectful.
  • Let us know if you'd like to remain anonymous.

Why Share Your Story?

  • Raising awareness: Sharing your story can help others understand the issue and its impact.
  • Building community: You're not alone. Sharing your story can connect you with others who have faced similar situations.
  • Inspiring action: Your story can motivate others to get involved and fight for change.

We believe that every voice matters. Share your story and help make a difference.


Let's work together to create a more just world.

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