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New NGO, PSJ(UK) Launches as an International Advocacy Organisation for Peace and Social Justice

The International Organisation for Peace and Social Justice has launched as a new UK Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that is dedicated to the promotion of social justice and sustainable development both globally and particularly in the region of Nigeria. PSJ aims to engage with and organise a network of global partners who are committed to the core values of peace and justice, giving a voice to the most marginalised and encouraging grassroots and active community action and development. PSJs vision is to offer support and allyship to all communities in Nigeria who are involved in the work and processes of social justice and peace building.PSJ will be a strong voice and primary resource for support and community. PSJ stated mission is to act as an advocate for such communities by seeking to engage both national and global organisations to promote justice, peace and the human rights of marginalised communities, particularly those suffering displacement and conflict. PSJ will work to create a model of community action and engagement via advocacy, focused research and a strong emphasis on community values and collaboration. PSJ will launch its inaugural conference; ‘Nigeria; The Way Forward’ on the 22nd November at Westminster Central Hall in London.

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