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Urgent Call to Action: UK Election Candidates must prioritise Nigeria's crisis




As the UK prepares for the July 4th general elections, Nigerians in the UK and friends of Nigeria need to engage with and ask candidates seeking their votes to prioritise Nigeria on their foreign policy agendas and manifesto commitments.
There is an urgent need to comprehensively address the ongoing insecurity, attacks, atrocities, violence and killings in various parts of Nigeria.
The country is facing a severe existential crisis, with recent and often un- and under-reported incidents, such as the violent attacks in Plateau State, the ongoing insurgency in the Northeast, and the rising cases of banditry and kidnapping across various regions. These tragedies demand international attention and action.
The UK government has several compelling reasons to strengthen its relations with Nigeria, the most populous country in the Africa, in addressing the plight of Nigerians by joining the advocacy for peace and social justice:

1. Humanitarian Crisis: The violence in Nigeria has resulted in thousands of deaths and widespread displacement. Given the UK's long-standing commitment to human rights and its security pact with Nigeria, it is well-positioned to advocate for peace and social justice in Nigeria.

2. Security Concerns: The instability in Nigeria threatens regional security in West Africa. By supporting efforts to stabilise the region, the UK can help mitigate the risk of broader conflicts that could affect global security.

3. Economic Impact: As one of the largest economies in Africa, Nigeria's continued violence disrupts economic activities, impacting not only Nigerians but also international businesses and trade relations with the UK.

4. Historical Ties: The UK and Nigeria share deep historical connections. Ensuring stability and prosperity in Nigeria is in the interest of both nations.

Recent examples of violence and injustice highlight the urgency of the situation:
• In Plateau State, clashes between herders and farmers have resulted in hundreds of deaths, many of which go unreported.
• In the Northeast, Boko Haram and ISWAP continue to terrorise communities, leading to mass displacement and significant loss of life.
• In the Northwest, banditry has led to numerous kidnappings, including those of schoolchildren, causing widespread fear and disrupting education.
• Human rights violations, including extrajudicial killings by security forces, remain critical issues that need to be addressed.
By advocating for stronger UK-Nigeria relations, we can support efforts to bring peace and stability to affected areas. Your voice matters—let’s shape a future where Nigerian lives are protected and valued. Together, we can make a difference.
Join the advocacy for peace and social justice in Nigeria.

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